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All the programs in our backup data base have been restored successfully. We are extremely sorry for the lost projects. We now backup every data in 12 hours to ensure your file security and availability. Please upload your projects with pride...

VB Project Bank

Hello guest, welcome to the world of advanced visual basic programming ! Here we brings you any thing that you want for visual basic programming. This website is made for the visual basic 6 programmers by a visual basic programmer to the programmers who want new information, complex syntax and free source codes. We provide you the planet's most rarest visual basic source codes and selected projects.

Although you can download the projects with out login you must login for uploading the files. You must register for accessing the files of this site, The registration is free and after registering you can login and access all the source codes and all the contents in this site. After registering you can also submit and download source codes. We also give you a folder in our sever to upload your files. also you can upload screen shots of your program and copyright information and full credit for the program will be given to you. We also support the distribution of your compiled software under some conditions. We also allow you to protect your uploaded files with password and the password will be asked to the visitor for downloading you uploaded file. The main specialty of our site is that we give all the above offer for free after free registration. Please support us by joining our site.

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Now the project search and download options are also opened for public. You can now freely search and download Visual Basic projects with out login.

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Search Tips     : Keeping the search key word text field will show you all projects that are uploaded to this site. 
Requirements : You need a unzip software to extract the project files which are available in www.winzip.com or www.rarlab.com respectively.
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Site Features

Our site is loaded with advanced technology and new features with high security. Our first aim is privacy and security. Our uploading system as well as downloading systems are unique with 99.99 % working guaranty. We also give you services like website designing, script editing etc.. please read Services page for more details. As you know like every sites this site may not be free from bugs so please report us if you find any bugs or problems with this site or links. Some of the main features of our site are given below,

-> 100 % Of VB Codes Are Free.
-> High File Security.
-> 100 % file protection.
-> Zipped  Files.
-> Error Damaged File/Code Reporting.
-> Immediate Action On Reported Files.
-> No Upload/Download Project Limits.
-> Amazing Prizes For Best Codes.
-> Download Page Customizations.
-> Advanced Uploading System.

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The purpose of the registration is mainly security for users. The registration help us to report about the bugs in the submitted code/program to author. It also help to secure the files of a user from others and ensures maximum security for the user.

Please login or Sign Up/Login for accessing the pages of this site. The offers are only valid under some conditions given in Privacy Policy page.

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